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O’Bagel is a family-owned and operated business with five New Jersey locations.

It started as the vision of Sam, who wanted to put his expertise of hand rolling bagels into a suburban community that respects and appreciates fresh quality bread made from hand-selected ingredients. Our products are always created fresh daily.

Sam named the business after his wife's surname. The name was chosen for good luck as our business is all about our loyal commitment to family, community and serving the finest food quality. We are proud to be serving the community for nearly two decades.

Our original location at 1168 Valley Road in Stirling, NJ was our home away from home. On many nights, Sam could be seen rolling bagels late into the evening and then baking behind the oven before sunrise. Janette, Sam’s sister, and business partner maintain that same tradition of exemplary service for our neighbors, friends, and customers at the Stirling location. With two additional locations added in 2003 at Riverwalk and Dewy Meadow, our O’Bagel family has grown along with our loyal fan base. Sam’s wife enjoys the Dewy Meadow location and works closely with the community. The next generation has also been involved with carrying the family tradition and can be seen working side by side with their parents. In 2016, the doors opened to our newest Hoboken location. Sam remains a constant Bagel Master at all locations. 

Stop in and sample the finest quality products made with you, the customer, in mind. We serve our neighbors, family, friends, and community. We’re happy to include you on that list.

The O'Bagel Family